Farm Wedding & Outdoor Event Venues in North Carolina

Hidden Valley Farm is a 60 acre working farm, nestled in beautiful Crabtree Valley of Haywood County.  Panoramic mountain views and rolling pastures make up the landscape.  Here on our farm, we have goats, sheep, chickens, and two gorgeous Great Pyrenees (Bennett & Bea) roaming the hills.  These sweet dogs do a great job guarding our land and livestock.  Our goats and sheep are pets as well.  They all have names and behave like dogs.  The oldest goat on our farm is Granny. She is a lovely lady and a gem in our herd.  Sheep make up the majority of our animals here at Hidden Valley Farm.  Tippy, a bottle-fed lamb, is perhaps the friendliest sheep we've ever had.  All of our animals do a fantastic job of keeping our farm well manicured.  Even our chickens pitch in and provide wonderful free range eggs for us and our farm hands.

At Hidden Valley Farm, we grow sorghum cane every year and make our own molasses.  This annual event; Hidden Valley Farm Sorghum Harvest, is always open to the public.  Making molasses is an age old tradition that is disappearing, so we strive to keep this practice alive.  We use our red antique tractor to grind the cane, which transfers the cane into a sugary juice.  We then cook the cane juice over our stone barbeque pit which is located under the Hay Barn.  Once the sorghum juice is cooked, we bottle our fine molasses into jars, which are available for sale.  Our Sorghum Harvest is usually held in September. Come enjoy hot molasses and homemade biscuits by the fire.

Our vintage Farmall tractor is also used for hay rides and is a great getaway car for the bride and groom.  There's no better ending to a farm wedding than a hayride behind this beauty. We mow 8 acres of hay each year which we sell here on our farm.  We offer round bales and traditional square bales.  Square bales can also serve as great seating for your wedding or event. 

On occasion we host Farm to Table dinners here at the farm.  This consists of local meat and produce from Haywood County.  This is a great place to enjoy fresh food, beautiful scenery, and live music, which is also a staple here at Hidden Valley Farm. We stage concerts, barn dances, and many other social gatherings.

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